How often do we get caught up in the fantasy of what true love would look like. In your head does it look like the movies? Romantic, beautiful date nights at a fancy candle-lit restaurant by the water. Walking along holding hands while looking into their smiling, doey eyes?

After 17 years as a relationship counsellor, here are some examples of what I think true love really looks like.

It is knowing you have someone in your corner, no matter what.

It is having that special person that you can share with after a bad day or a good day.

It’s having someone to ask every day of your life, “What do you want for dinner?”

It’s someone to console you after you accidental incident.

It’s laughing over ridiculous inside jokes no one else in the world would understand.

It is when you can “just be” together, and no words are needed.

It is when you are encouraged to do the things you love.

It’s looking at your partners not so perfect or taut body and still thinking they look sexy.

It’s having one person in the world that loves your kids as much as you do, even when you’ve had a bad day with them..