Client Testimonials

I have been seeing Debra for a few years now and my life has changed, grown, and am reaping the benefits of the seeds sown into my life, as her skill, determination, dedication, and encouragement has brought into my healing journey. I am grateful for the resources required for this processes of change to occur, which brings about a stability, resulting in a knowing of how to enjoy life that was previously robbed.

Divine G

Debra is a very gentle and compassionate person and these qualities, together with her experience and knowledge, shines through in her work as a counsellor. When I have sought clarification on issues concerning me, Debra has provided some wonderful insights and resources which have helped me enormously on my life journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Debra to anyone who needs some guidance on personal or relationship issues.
Thank you Debra


Would recommend Debra to all, she’s an amazing, professional and very talented counsellor who has gotten to the heart of so many issues of mine with compassion and wisdom, I’m a lot happier for having met her!


I’d recommend Debra to anyone. Very professional and amazing at what she does. Life changing counselling experience!


I can highly recommend this counselling service. Deb is guided in her counselling by an astounding wisdom, compassion and sensitivity. She is able to unlock the spiritual and emotional stumbling blocks in lives and thereby assists in the process of releasing her clients to become all that they can be.

John W

I have had Debra as a counsellor and a supervisor. In both capacities I have found her competent, supportive and intuitive. She has helped me discover some truths that have literally changed my thinking and in turn my way of doing life. Could not recommend her highly enough in both areas.

Vicki S

Debra is an amazing, dedicated, professional, supportive counselor. She has worked with me to heal and lift out of a really dark place to now being able to look forward to a bright and exciting future I never thought was possible. I would recommend her to anyone