Recently through these posts the question has been “do you know how to stop” or do you create busyness to avoid being still?
Some have questioned back ‘why would I want to stop, it is too difficult’.
We all go through tough times. We all have emotions, thoughts and life experiences that are uncomfortable or even painful that we would rather not feel or know about. Yet, for each of to ‘know’ what you are personally going through, what you are experiencing you need to be open ‘to be with’ what is happening inside of you, sit with it, hold it, and, in some sense, to befriend it, that is where the healing or transformative power lies in the practice of mindful awareness.

Mindfulness is simply deciding to create a clear space in your mind for non-judgemental awareness of your inner and outer worlds. In particular, it’s an awareness of the connecting with your own experience in your inner world. To become aware, be alert to observing your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, desires, memories, images, personality dynamics, attitudes, etc.
When we can actually become aware of where we are, without trying to find another state of mind or place we would rather be, we are able to discover a deep internal resource that we can make use of. Coming to terms with things as they are, making peace with what cannot be changed is a definition of healing.