We are so busy in our lives these. I often wonder if many of us have forgotten what is like to simply stop.
What would happen if you actually stopped still for 10min?
Stop for a moment. Stop scrolling, Stop stressing about the next thing you have to do. Stop doing and just be.
If you are curious to find out, dare yourself take a deep breath and “stop” then simply notice what happens next.
Does it feel comfortable or uncomfortable?
How long are able to stop before it becomes uncomfortable.

Two days ago the challenge was put out there to see what happens when you stop for 10 min in your busy life.
Did you discover you have forgotten what is like to simply stop?
What happened when you actually stopped still for 10 min?
I often have clients report how uncomfortable it felt or they became very creative to find ways to legitimise not stopping. They suddenly just had to check their phone, social media, emails, do a household task, anything to escape the discomfort.
Others were confronted with recognising fears, frustrations, offences, and other negative thoughts and feelings about themselves, their life or their unresolved problems that have been pushed aside, ignored or feel too big to deal with. So they use busyness at avoid and distract themselves.
Do you use busyness to avoid and distract yourself?

In the last post the question was “do you use busyness to avoid and distract yourself”?
As human beings we have a lot of feelings, many of which we try to deny and ignore by shoving them down in many creative ways so they don’t overwhelm us. Sure, it can be uncomfortable expressing them, so we have become good at expressing emotions via emojis when we’re texting others. Sadly the hidden cost is we don’t fully develop our communication skills face-to-face which also involves taking the time to process why we’re feeling certain things or dealing with them in any real way.
What would happen if you stopped and confronted whatever it is that you are avoiding?
What difference would that make to your future self or circumstances if you did something about it?
Do you allow your circumstances to determine how you feel or what you do next?
Or do you take a breath and start a real conversation with someone and discuss what you are now aware of?
What does confronting something mean?
Confront means either to face a situation that makes you uncomfortable, or to say something to someone about something they’ve done that bothers you. Rather than letting things go, when people are rude to you you decide to confront them.
So take a deep breath and… do something different.