10 of 10. Remember that connection and compassion is the secret that helps children WANT to follow your lead.
We only have influence with our child when they feel connected to us. They only feel connected when they feel seen and understood, when we respond with compassion and acceptance instead of shaming disapproval and judgment.
Compassion and kindness isn’t only for your child.
It starts with yourself. You can’t be a loving parent if you’re feeling bad about yourself, any more than your child can act “right” if they feel bad about themselves.

When all else fails, make yourself a cuppa, give yourself a big hug and remember you can hit the reset button anytime. Then give your child a big hug.

Connection and compassion will transform any relationship.

Don’t believe it? Try prioritising connection and compassion this week and see what kind of miracle you can make.

As children grow they implicitly have 3 questions answered by how we, as parents and caregivers, treat them. They want to know…

  1. What is my worth as a person?
  2. How do I relate to others?
  3. What is my place in the world?

The answers then form their core beliefs about themselves, positive or negative, that will become the foundation in their life.