Relationship Life-Cycle

I had been explaining the Relationship Life-cycle to a client who has since requested I write this up so this information she could share it. I’ll try to not make it too long and I trust you find it helpful. This is info I would love every couple considering entering or are in a committed relationship knew about Relationship Life-cycles.Cycles

I often have couples come in for counselling who feel or describe their relationship as having stagnated (not a word they would use) or is all but over.

In listening to many couples talk about their relationship what I often hear is they are experiencing a normal “relationship life-cycle junction” but they don’t realise it. For many couples who struggle to navigate this junction express feeling stuck, stagnation, conflict that doesn’t seem to get resolved and general dissatisfaction at where the relationship is at.

Like any “life-cycle” there are times where we need to grow and develop. It is important to recognise what doesn’t grow over time stagnates and dies. The same is true of relationships.

Throughout the life of a relationship, there will be about 5 periods of time whereby the individuals in the relationship feel pressure to grow and develop new life skills. If we ignore this pressure to grow over an extended period of time, by trying to maintain how you have always “been” in the relationship, the relationship increasingly feels dissatisfied or distressing.

When couples stand at this junction they evaluate the future of the relationship –

1. Can you each identify and embrace the growth the relationship is requiring of you both & rekindle something new?

2. Do you give up hoping for something better and settle for dissatisfaction & maintain the status quo?

3. Do you misinterpret the conflict or pressure as the relationship is over?

Maybe you are realising your relationship is standing at this junction?
Is it time for you to book in for a relationship checkup?
Is it time to take a different approach?

Unresolved issues don’t just disappear, but working on them and growing through them allows you to discover new possibilities. Couples I have worked with have gained new understandings of relationship dynamics, and have come to understand themselves and their partner better.

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